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Transaction System

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World eXchange Remittance

Goal and Direction

Convenient purchase, sales, and payment systems anywhere, anytime

Multi exchange CXA transaction system

Fast transmission, fast transaction, easy trade available anywhere. Exchange / Technology / Compliance / Issuance / Investment Online market / token to token / fiat to token / insurance / stocks / loans / investment / development / payment / withdrawal / settlement / etc. and more features will be available. With lowest charge, enjoy the best service. we check and manage everything by ourselves and never entrust anything to anyone. Where our alliances are, we provide services intimately close to your life

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Hyper Converged Infra

software defined hyper convergence

Hyper Convergence-based HW integrates servers, storage, and networking devices into a single server Virtualization and Cloud in the enterprise with only one server equipment by uploading virtualization technology and Cloud SW It is a Virtual Cloud Platform that can build a landscape.

1. It is virtual cloud platform that can build Private Cloud and virtualization in enterprise with one server by putting virtualization technology and Cloud SW

2. On Hyper Convergence-based HW that integrates server, storage, network equipment into one server.

about CXA server

CXA Server

Single Cloud System

Providing the best security for you is our major concearn. We always pursue and adapt high degree of security systems that are appropriate for each country. Uses cloud server that complies with the government- mandated electronic financial supervision regulations such as computer room, external order management, system protection measures, and network separation. Server, storage, network, and so on into a server, a completely separate

single cloud system

It is different from the beginning

CXA goal

One of CXA’s major goals is to provide convenience. When you send money to or transfer money to another country you will need to plan a visit to a bank or exchange desk to exchange money, and you must visit, wait, and exchange money. You may also have to exchange money once again in the country. Eventually, you will pay a large fee for such money exchange.


We have configured the MCTS to organize this business and will operate MCTS through CXAT to make MCTS more convenient and hassle free. MCTS will provide services in compliance with the jurisdiction of cryptocurrency exchange alliance. We will consult about various business scenario through each country’s infrastructure and provide other financial derivative services such as “Token/ Securities/ Loan/ Payment/ settlement/ transaction/ Banking/ storage/ etc." CXA will enable fiat to crypto and crypto to crypto and will make it possible to deposit or withdraw money through pawn shops, kiosks, convenience stores, ATMs and so on. With blockchain technology, this process is safe and real-time with security measures. Based on this, we will build a global payment network by expanding and configuring the alliances, and it will be able to greatly reduce costs such as fees for using it. Due to the transparent and well-intentioned nature of the blockchain technology, other cryptocurrency exchanges and payment provider companies will negotiate and join the CXA to provide services as global payment network alliance. This provides you more liquidity, and fast, convenient services when using cryptocurrency and various payment services.

CXA Lease Market


There will be a CXA lease market(CXA Market) on the exchange that belongs to CXA. This CXA market will be a huge benefit for users. It will help users to reduce the burden on their side, and token issuers to actively use tokens, forming a market that can win-win each other. In CXA market, transaction fees are all free. In CXA market, all fees for buying and selling are free of charge. How it works is very simply. Let’s assume that we are in the department store, trying to buy products. when we ,customers, buy or sell something in department store, customers are not the ones to be charged any fee. CXA has been invented from that insight and will operate in CXA market. All transaction will be done with CXAT free of charge. The token issuer who wants to lease in this lease market can lease with a monthly rent, and leaser will only pay a certain amount of rent according to the volume of previous month’s transactions. In this manner, users will be able to buy and sell coins they want free of charge. and token issuer who leased have to further research and develop in order to increase the transaction amount and the usage amount of the token. User will be able to check and select different kinds of coins in different countries participating in CXA. Users will have more opportunities to view and select from not only one market but various places and will have opportunities to compare and judge each other. This will help gives users senses to recognize themselves as not a one-time customers but life companion to prove their value and level.

Therefore, CXA market will be used reasonably to both users and issuers.

Problems and solutions


In every way, CXA market is very reasonable and a good project to help grow everyone as well as their value. Still we may pose some problems. That is, how we can distinguish indiscreet and toxic leasers among good ones. This is something that requires a lot of thoughts and discussions to everyone everywhere from the beginning up to the point now. That’s why CXA market established terms for leaser in the CXA market as follows

1. Identify existence of technology of issuers.

2. Evaluate the value of issuers every month before leasing and decide accordingly

3. prevent embezzlement and malpractice of leasers by paying the rent

4. Grant outstanding leasers voting rights of lease availability

Road Map

schedule World map

We have developed everything for practical use, not for quick start. Within 2Q, three countries are schedule to open and operate, four countries within 4Q in 2019, and 10 countries within 2020. It will be available in Estonia, Philippines, and Korea within 2Q.

Time Schedule

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